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This page gives you access to various sample articles written about Drascombing (new verb: to Drascombe?).

Many of these articles have been published before, notably in the Drascombe Association News (DAN), but hopefully this should give them a wider audience. And the pictures are all in colour! (was not always the case in the early DANs). Please see this advice before submitting material for the website.

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here are some sample Articles available to download by non-Members

Trizonia's journey to Trizonia - Gijs van Kemenade
One of the Dutch Drascombers takes his lugger and family to Greece.
Zeeland Cruise - by Jim Hopwood
Jim Hopwood describes his trip to join the NKDE Summer 2008 meeting in the Grevelingenmeer
Know your Drascombe Lugger - by John Watkinson
The original guide to the Lugger, by the man who designed her. This is quite a large file (1.9MB) and may be slow to download
What to look for when purchasing a second hand Drascombe - by Tim Pettigrew
You can view this version on screen - see below for PDF version
What to look for when purchasing a second hand Drascombe - by Tim Pettigrew
Downloadable PDF version - 2.57 Megabytes
Drascombe Racing Handicaps - Portsmouth Yardsticks - by Bob Jack
Findhorn Rally 14th/15th July 2007 - Report by Ian Hanson


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