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The Drascombe Association is a group of of over 1000 enthusiasts dedicated to the traditional-style sailing boats designed by the late John Watkinson. Over 5000 Drascombes of all types have been built since the first Lugger was launched in 1966. They are all simple, rugged, and seakindly. (Scroll down this page for the Latest News, or visit our Forum or click the photo to visit our Rally Galleries)

  • Castle Gylen - A rarely accessed anchorageCastle Gylen - A rarely accessed anchorage
    Penny Excell ©2022
  • All quiet in the cove, Baltimore, Aug-22.All quiet in the cove, Baltimore, Aug-22.
    Roy Johnston ©2022
  • Lugger passing Dromore Castle, Kenmare River, Aug-Lugger passing Dromore Castle, Kenmare River, Aug-
    Roy Johnston ©2021
  • The peace of the MediterraneanThe peace of the Mediterranean
    Robert Best ©2021
  • Child’s Play (daughter at the helm)Child’s Play (daughter at the helm)
    Neil Stainthorpe ©2021
  • Into the weatherInto the weather
    Mary Ratcliffe ©2021
  • Le Dabberben in BrittanyLe Dabberben in Brittany
    Pascal Potin ©2021
  • Is it time to get up yet?Is it time to get up yet?
    Steve Porteous ©2022
  • Lunch stop Holy Island Lough Derg.Lunch stop Holy Island Lough Derg.
    John Holden ©2022
  • The arms race is getting out of hand.The arms race is getting out of hand.
    Kim Roberts ©2021
  • Coaster Pax ,Mulroy Bay,Co DonegalCoaster Pax ,Mulroy Bay,Co Donegal
    Kim Roberts ©2022
  • Night falls on Holy LochNight falls on Holy Loch
    Mary Ratcliffe ©2022
  • Cutting through the wavesCutting through the waves
    Neil Stainthorpe ©2021
  • Departing SkelligsDeparting Skelligs
    Pat Jones ©2021
  • Heading for HomeHeading for Home
    Dan Walsh ©2021
  • Homeward BoundHomeward Bound
    Mary Ratcliffe ©2021
  • All the colours of the rainbowAll the colours of the rainbow
    Michael Corbett ©2022
  • The hills of MullThe hills of Mull
    Arthur Jones ©2022
  • LunchstopLunchstop
    Arthur Jones ©2022
  • Sunrise on Lough ErneSunrise on Lough Erne
    Tony Wright ©2022
  • Sunset in Baltimore.Sunset in Baltimore.
    John Holden ©2022

















Photocomp voting ending soon
Voting for the 2023 photo competition is ending soon. Please get your votes in by the 8th March.

To vote you need to be logged in to the DA forum and be registered as a member on the DA forum.
See here for more details on how to vote.

Note: I was made aware today (29th February) that the link to the photo competition from the member's area of the site was not working. This has now been corrected but I'm extending voting so that anyone who had problems because of this has a chance to vote.
Added by CM - 27/02/2024

2024 AGM
The AGM will be held on 10th March at 1700GMT by way of Zoom. Details can be found on the Members section of the forum https://drascombe-association.org.uk/vbforum/forumdisplay.php?43-AGM-2024

The agenda will be published 2 weeks before the meeting. Please register for joining the AGM Zoom by sending an email to membership@drascombe-association.org.uk

Added by dave s - 20/02/2024


The next deadline for submitting content to the DAN is 1 April 2024. Please ensure you have the copyright for any material you submit.

Please submit any change of address to the membership sec. to ensure you continue to receive your copy of DAN.
Added by dave s - 06/02/2024

DAN Advertising
The DA Committee have decided that DAN148, which will be posted to members in late-January, will be the last issue with commercial advertising. DAN magazine will continue to publish a list of suppliers and their contact details for the benefit of members.
The reasons for the decision are:
• Reduce distribution costs given significant increases in cost of printing and postage in recent years.
• Limit increase in production costs. The desktop publishing aspects of DAN will now be done commercially as the 6-month search for a volunteer to take on the Editor role from 2024 has been unsuccessful.
• Simplify the DA Advertising postholder role and reduce Treasurer workload.

There will be a reduction in income to the DA, however, advertising payments have only ever covered costs.

This change is in line taken by many other similar volunteer-run associations. There are now many other social media, email and other communication channels available to small businesses than in the 1990s when commercial advertising first carried in DAN.

The Small Ads used by DA members in DAN and on this website will continue as normal.

If you have any feedback or questions please contact the DA or come to the DA AGM in March.
Added by dave s - 12/01/2024

Photo Competition
"The photo competition for 2023 is now open for voting. Many thanks to everyone who has entered.
Voting will remain open until the end of February.
To vote you need to be logged in to the DA forum and be registered as a member on the DA forum.
See here for more details on how to vote."
Added by CM - 13/12/2023

Rally albums from 2015 are available to view under the Gallery tab.
The aim is to provide a selection of photos that give an impression of Drascombe Association Rallies to members and those considering joining.
Typically we try to limit photos to 10 per rally although this is not a hard limit.
If you have photos for either the website or the Drascombe Association News magazine please let us know.
Added by CM - 06/03/2023

Membership of the DA runs for 12 months from the date of enrolment for new members who now join the association and the amount increased to £15 (UK) on 1st January 2012.
(Renewals are now automated for EU & World Applications and Renewals made after 7/12/13) and for those UK members who joined or renewed after 14/4/16 by Paypal or Go Cardless. Please check the membership secretary's reminder for more details.

Drascombe Association News

DAN is our quarterly hardcopy magazine, mailed out to members. It is written for and by the membership. Please see the guidelines for submitting articles and images for DAN.
(A Sample edited pdf Spring 2021 version is now available for non members; click the cover above to download.)

Contributions (especially pictures or Owner's View items for the About Drascombes page) are always welcome and should be sent to Chris . Please see the guidelines for website submissions.

The Drascombe Forum is the place where you can ask questions, have discussions, and research anything to do with Drascombes. Here are the most recent active topics:

Books - Featured Book

Practical Dinghy Cruiser
Paul Constantine

Dinghy Cruising is a popular, practical activity, pursued by hundreds if not thousands of sailors. Surprisingly, there is no recognized, single style of craft specifically for this sport. Each person taking it up must find their own boat and then modify it to make it suitable for their own chosen undertaking. This book is the key to unlocking that whole experience, on a tight budget.