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Worldwide Drascombe Association Online Membership Application Form

The subscription for members living outside Europe is GBP £23 per year or £31 for two members* at the same address (which includes the cost of airmailing magazines in each case). Please note that we do not accept US Dollar cheques..

This is the new online form and instant payment subscription page; you can fill in your Application details, and then pay with Paypal (or credit card), and you will receive an email confirmation, and a reminder to pay in a year's time (which you can cancel at anytime).
Your details will be emailed to the Treasurer/Membership Secretary and you will then receive an email from the Association

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Your telephone number, full Address, Country and Postcode (Zip), Your Boat Name and Type or if no boat, your Area of Interest. Your partner's name if this is a joint application*, and please say if you agree to your email address being made available to other Members (recommended). If you are already an active Forum Member please give your Forum nickname, and we will add you to the DA Forum Member area asap :

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Important notes:
1) The information provided in this form and any other information obtained or provided during the course of your membership application will only be used for the purposes of processing your application and thereafter dealing with you as a member of The Drascombe Association.
2) A list of members is available to all members of the Drascombe Association and it is a condition of membership that members consent to their name, address and boat name(s) (but not their email or phone number) being included on this list (unless you agree to sharing email above - recommended).
3) None of the information which you provide will be shared with any third party for marketing or commercial purposes.
4) Optionally you may agree to inclusion on a separate list of email addresses that is available to other members.

I/We apply to join the Drascombe Association. I/We agree to the above notes and will abide by the Association Rules. (The rules may be seen here . A copy will be emailed to you when you become a member.)

thank you.

* This form is also for Worldwide members wishing to take advantage of the concession whereby for a single annual subscription at 150% of the normal rate, two persons at the same address may both become full members entitled to vote and sign rally application forms. Only a single Drascombe Association News will be delivered quarterly to their address.