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This is a list of miscellaneous links to other websites likely to be of interest to the average Drascomber. All these links open a new window so that you don't lose your place here.
Please tell us about any other links you think should be on this page. Please let us know also if you find any of these links are broken. While we offer these links in good faith, the Drascombe Association is not responsible for the content of other websites.

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Don't Play Misty for Me
Peter Duggan's account of a single-handed cruise to the Outer Hebrides
Douglas Hopwood's Projects
the late Douglas Hopwood's Projects Website now hosted on our site (with thanks to his son Peter)
Drascombe Association in Ireland
Our members in Ireland have their own website with news and reports of activities in the Emerald Isle.
Drascombe Boats Insurance Scheme
The Drascombe Boats Insurance scheme has been specially negotiated for Drascombe Owners. It is operated by the Padstow office of Aston Scott Ltd.
Drascombe Coaster Moksha blog
Ian Cowie's blog which is more of a log of modifications and journeys.
His most recent blogs have been about his trip to Scandinavia on the "Viking Cruise"
Drascombe manual
A copy of the 1979 Drascombe manual with rigging instructions and an intoduction by John Watkinson.(added 2015)
Drascombe Owners Association of North America.
An excellent site produced by a band of like-minded souls in the US and Canada. Well worth a visit.
Note: this site is now inactive but still available via a web archive site.
Dutch Drascombe Assn
Dutch Drascombe Assn
Drascombe Facebook Group (not DA)
In the Present Sea
Lugger circumnavigator Webb Chiles' personal website, with articles, poems, and photographs about his life and voyages. You can now download his books THE OPEN BOAT and THE OCEAN WAITS about his voyage in the Drascombe Lugger, CHIDIOCK TICHBORNE.
Lugger repair & maintenance
Tim Pettigrew's site based on personal (hard-won!) experience.
NKDE Nederlandse Kring van Drascombe Eigenaren
Website of the Association of Dutch Drascombe Owners.
old Dutch Drascombe site
old Dutch Drascombe site (previous Website of the Association of Dutch Drascombe Owners
Colin Watt's fascinating record of the renovation of the Wooden Drascombe Longboat "Otter".
The 20-knot Drascombe - A Design Study
Naval Architect Stuart Roy asks "Can it be done......... and would anyone want one anyway?"
Wooden Drascombes
Colin Watt's original register of wooden Drascombes and their builders now maintained and updated by the Association