Drascombe Association

Loch Lomond Rally 2019 - 2019

Loch Lomond Rally 2019

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Swing Bay
1 Swing Bay
Niall's communication system
2 Niall's communication system
Ardlui (Lily Ella & Orca)
3 Ardlui (Lily Ella & Orca)
5 Star Accommodation
4 5 Star Accommodation
Ardlui Rain
5 Ardlui Rain
Rolling down Loch Lomond
6 Rolling down Loch Lomond
Splashing down Loch Lomond
7 Splashing down Loch Lomond
Surfing down Loch Lomond
8 Surfing down Loch Lomond
Meeting up at The Haven
9 Meeting up at The Haven
Discussing the Plan
10 Discussing the Plan
Heading towards Inchmurrin
11 Heading towards Inchmurrin
Rosie of Dale
12 Rosie of Dale
Clarach Mhairi
13 Clarach Mhairi
Rosie of Dale
14 Rosie of Dale
15 Inchmurrin
16 Inchmurrin
Heading to the hills
17 Heading to the hills
Cailleach sails to windward
18 Cailleach sails to windward
The fleet - no rain
19 The fleet - no rain
Rosie of Dale makes a slow getaway
20 Rosie of Dale makes a slow getaway
Final lunchstop
21 Final lunchstop
Farewell Lunch on Inchmoan
22 Farewell Lunch on Inchmoan