Drifter - “Tanera Mor” by Alastair Duthie

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Attending a Scottish Drascombe Rally at Ardfern with my Scaffie “Munsieweet” in 1998 I had a chance to see the Drifters “Wayward Wind” (Colin Sherriffs) and “Mochras” (Wilf Monteith). Three years later, a trip to the Yealm resulted in a Drifter joining the growing fleet of Drascombes in Stonehaven harbour. I am grateful to many Drifter owners for their encouragement and help, including Peter Tiplady, Steve Schlemmer, Bill Woodhouse, Stuart Patrick (who lent us “Festina Lente” to try) and Wilf Monteith and Colin Sherriffs for all their time and advice about improvements and modifications. Many of the improvements to “Tanera Mor” are similar to those on their boats.

Tanera Mor on mooring

Tanera Mor on rolling mooring in Stonehaven harbour. The cockpit cover keeps the cockpit dry and clean. The mainsail cover is pulled onto a lowered yard which is pulled back to vertical. The sail is then stuffed into the bag part of sail cover and secured with shockcord and hooks and compression straps.

Outboard engine Engine tilted

The 6 HP single cylinder Mariner 4-stroke engine is a good compromise for power, weight, tilting and turning. The aluminium tube rudder to tiller link is only needed for manouvering in tight spaces. The enlarged cutout allows the engine to tilt up fully. The pulley/cord system is not needed but I left it on as it does raise the engine an extra inch or two.

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