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Sail South till the butter melts - Atlantic Adventures in an open boat

by Geoff Stewart

Sail South Till The Butter MeltsThis is a good read - one of those ‘just do it’ school of books. In 1973 Geoff Stewart, a young Australian brought up on a farm outside Melbourne, a good sportsman and an expert in the emerging IT industry, decided he needed a bit more adventure. He had little sailing experience but decided to buy an open boat – “I was reading the yachty magazines and liked the look of the Drascombe Longboat… I ordered one through the mail and advised I would arrive in UK in October to collect it.” Which he duly did, making a maiden voyage east along the South Coast, across the Channel to Calais then south through the French canals, into the Med, west into the Atlantic, down to the Canaries and finally, a 3000 mile / 59 days trans Atlantic passage to Barbados. He tells of his encounters with an assortment of characters afloat and ashore, his thoughts on a huge range of topics and hints on how he navigated, sailed, ate and plain survived the whole trip. The book is available through the Author’s website –

Peter Tiplady

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